Determining a style for your home can be difficult with the countless different designs out there. You may find you like elements from several styles, but aren't sure how to make it work. We know it can be overwhelming, so we're here to hopefully make it a bit easier for you with this go-to guide on determining your home's style! 

Ranch- single floor, low roof, L or U shape, backyard emphasis, long, wide and open (anyone recognize this ranch style home?)

Colonial-typically 2 stories, columned porches accenting the walk way, windows symmetrical

Cape cod- large central chimney, steep roof, windows and dormers to open up to attic, Captain's stairway (narrow stairs), shingle siding

Shingle- typically at least 2 stories, circular and pointed angles in the roof, sides are shingled

American Craftsman-2 story square home, entry way framed with turrets, wraparound porches, breakfast nook, mixture of materials between brick and sidings

Tudor Revival-think medieval, simple, rustic, overhanging first doors, herringbone brickwork, tall windows and high chimneys

Spanish Colonial Revival-stucco exterior/walls/chimenys, low clay or flat roofs, small porches/balconies, canvas awnings and iron trim, wooden support beams, usually 1 story

French Provincial- symmetrical portions, birck exterior, steep roof, tall windows (second story), porches

Contemporary- natural , sustainable components, recycled and nontoxic material, lots of natural light, open floor plan, flat face exteriors

Country-French- 1 story with narrow windows with shutters, steep roofs, stucco walls

Craftsman- interior woodwork, built in shelving/seating, low pitched roofs with wide overhangs, decorative beams

Cottage- warm, storybook, steep roof pitches, arched doors, casement windows, brick/stone/stucco siding

Mediterranean- low pitched roof, red tile rood, arches, stucco/adobe exterior, U-style floor plan

Hope this helps creating a space that's your own. Let us know what your favorite home style is!