After a homeowner decides to sell their home the next step is determining whether or not they'll hire a professional real estate agent.

The first thing you should consider is how much time you have. Do you need to move in a month because of a new job or other major life event? If that’s the case you may want to focus your efforts on preparing to move and finding and purchasing your new home, in addition to working, taking care of family, and enjoying life. 

Some of the most difficult tasks for those attempting to sell their own home are:

  1. Getting the price right
  2. Preparing the home for sale
  3. Attracting buyers properly
  4. Showing the property to all potential buyers
  5. Helping buyers find financing
  6. Comprehending purchase contracts
  7. Competent negotiation
  8. Selling in a timely manner

Only 9% of home sales were successfully sold by their owner in 2013 signifying the fact that the average person simply doesn’t have the time to properly execute the complicated task.

Those that chose to use a professional agent sold their homes for 13% more than those that sold by owner. That makes the 6% brokerage commission look a lot more reasonable. 

The cost of a real estate agent is insignificant in comparison to the cost of making a mistakes somewhere along the complicated process. Lack of experience in the current market could lead you to sell for too little.

Also keep in mind that the cost of hiring an agent is not an upfront charge. Agents get paid at closing once the home has sold.

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