One question we hear all the time when meeting with sellers is, “ What makes you different?”  Some sellers may even say, “All agents are the same.”  While the majority may be the same and do the same things…

…Not all real estate agents are the same and WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Even in a great sellers market YOUR AGENT MATTERS.  It takes more than the MLS to sell your home. It takes an agent with a plan, a proven system for selling homes and flat out YOUR AGENT MUST CARE

We recently sold a home for our seller and the sale price was $13,100 more than the original listed price with a previous agent.

The first agent hired priced the home at $169,900.  The pictures were not professional and they were not purposeful.  The home sat for 82 days and did not sell.  Surely there must have been a buyer for this home.  A good home in good condition that is priced right should sell, right?

WRONG.  Marketing was missing. Marketing isn’t always about where it goes, it’s about how it gets there, how buyers see it and getting buyers to react positively when they see it.  There was a buyer and they probably saw it and decided against it.

Then the SELLER HIRED THE SELLIN' WITH CC TEAM.  A NEW VISION, A NEW PLAN, and A NEW PRICE(a higher price).  Professional photos in a specific order, a better description, better disclosures so the buyer could make a decision. We put the home  up for sale at $178,000 and we had an offer THE FIRST DAY on the market and it SOLD for $183,000!!!  The buyer was there all along.

 THE SELLER ALMOST LOST $13,100 on the purchase price by not hiring us

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